Volunteers – Overview

We have over 50 volunteers who offer an hour or so each week to visit, talk to (and listen to) a lonely person.

We recruit volunteers of all ages and walks of life; all they need to be able to do is to connect with those they visit. Although friendship and the alleviation of loneliness is our prime concern, at times the volunteer may identify a need (e.g. practical, medical, financial) that is not being met. We then pass these requirements on to the appropriate agency.

Could you spare just a little of your time to make a huge difference?

Frequently Asked Questions

Why was the scheme set up?

There are many older people in Falmouth and the surrounding areas who are housebound or feel cut off from the world. The Befriending Service was set up to take on volunteers, of any age, who are able to give up a little of their time to visit a lonely person.

What would I have to do as a volunteer?

As a volunteer you would visit older people in their own homes, chat with them, listen to them and generally provide some support and companionship.

How much time would I have to give?

That’s entirely up to you. One hour a week is the minimum we suggest.

What personal qualities are required?

You’ll need to be friendly and polite and often a good listener. Otherwise all that is needed is common sense, patience and understanding.

Would I be expected to provide other support?

No. This is a befriending service only. However our volunteers often act as a ‘signposting service’ to raise issues of concern with us that we then pass on to a relevant statutory authority or agency.

What training will I need?

You will receive guidance sheets from the office. You will also have a chance to undertake other training later on but only if you want to.

Will volunteering or training cost me anything?

No. If there are travel expenses, they can be reclaimed.

What help and back-up will I receive?

As well as some written material, the Manager will always be available to provide support and advice. You will also be covered by our insurance.

What do I do next?

Call us or email: [email protected] to arrange an interview. We’ll ask you to fill out a couple more forms (including one for DBS clearance) and explain more in detail about how we operate.

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