Always Taking Referrals

We are always happy to chat about what we do, and whether we can help you. We can accept referrals from individuals seeking access to our charity, as well as friends and family, GPs, Social Services or any other parties who feel someone may benefit from our services.

How to refer someone into our befriending service

If you know somebody who may benefit from being visited by one of our volunteer befrienders, or who might enjoy attending our clubs and classes or excursions, get in touch today to chat about how we can help. If you are going to refer someone to us, please make sure you have their permission first.

We are able to take on clients for befriending who:
• Are aged 65 or older
• Live in Falmouth, Penryn or the surrounding villages (to a range of about 9 miles)
• Live alone all or much of the time
• Are disabled or partially-abled and find it difficult to get out
• Have few if any visitors (other than professional carers)
• Do not see family often (or at all)

Please be aware that if we don't think someone is suitable for any of our services, we may signpost you to other local organisations and charities who are better suited to help.

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